About the RI Medical Reserve Corps
RI MRC Coordinator
For more information please contact the RI MRC Coordinator, Erin McDonough:

Erin.McDonough@riresponds.org or 1 888 549-3335

RIDMAT/MRC is a state-based 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to recruit, train, mobilize, manage and equip a volunteer response corps to enhance state and local capabilities.  By working to reduce the vulnerability of Rhode Island and its communities to disaster risk through community public health activities, the promotion of personal preparedness and enhanced response capabilities, RIDMAT/MRC is active in preparing for and responding to the public health and emergency response needs of Rhode Island and its communities.  

RIDMAT/MRC provides training to its members in the form of field hospital events.  The goal of these events is aimed at training medical health professional volunteers to prepare for and respond to public health and emergency response disasters by providing hospital-level care to participants and spectators.  RIDMAT/MRC’s participation at these events alleviates surge on local EMS services and area hospitals and additionally familiarizes the volunteer with the processes and equipment that are used in the instance of a public health emergency or disaster event.