Learn About RI RI MRC

MRC Coordinator

Erin McDonough

50 Barnett Lane 
West Greenwich, RI 02817

(401) 489-5927
1 888-549-3335

The Rhode Island Medical Reserve Corps is an organization that identifies and organizes local health care volunteers able to assist in both large-scale state emergencies and/or smaller community based public health needs.

Registering with the RI MRC takes 5 minutes

The RI MRC has been around since 2003 and currently has over 700 medical health volunteers registered in the MRC system.

RI MRC works hand in hand with the RI Disaster Medical Assistance Team (RI DMAT) in assisting the state and local governments with the public health and emergency needs of the area.
The Rhode Island Medical Reserve Corps allows residents to participate in addressing and solving the public health concerns within their community.  Rhode Island, like other states and areas, has it's own needs, issues, and concerns and there is no one better equipped to handle those needs than the professionals willing to volunteer their time and expertise to their own communities and neighborhoods.