Field Hospital Operations

 Real-World Training

RIDMAT/MRC's primary training method consists of field hospital operations at mass gathering events across the state.  The goal of these events is aimed at training medical health professional volunteers to prepare for and respond to public health and emergency response disasters by providing hospital-level care to participants and spectators at these events.  Our participation familiarizes the volunteer with the equipment, the processes and the staff that are used in the instance of a public health emergency or disaster event in Rhode Island, making our volunteer corps better prepared.

It's never a good idea to practice your response during an actual emergency, so RIDMAT/MRC and its volunteers exercise during the spring and summer by providing real-world medicine on real patients at real events.  There is no at pretending at field hospital operations,  but there is a lot of team building, skills building, process evaluations and fun.  

Our planned event calendar consists of:

  • RI Air National Guard Air Show

  • Bristol 4th of July Parade

  • Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals

  • Blessing of the Fleet Road Race 

  • Newport Marathon .... to name a few

Classroom Training

Orientations and Lectures

Orientations are required for new members of RIDMAT/MRC to be covered and to participate at field hospital events. Orientations offer a tour of the facility, badge picture and t-shirt distribution as well as a review of the Medical Reserve Corps and its mission.


RIDMAT/MRC offers its volunteers and community members lecture series and classroom events that focus on relevant issues in the areas of public health, personal and community preparedness, and healthcare practice. 

Logistics and Operations

The Work Behind the Scenes

RIDMAT/MRC's job is not to be ready for the Air Show or the Jazz Festival but rather it is to be ready ALWAYS.  Because you never know when disaster can strike, our equipment and resources have to be packaged, prepared and accessible for quick activation and deployment.  Our committed logistics and operation volunteer teams work on a regular basis to ensure that our medical equipment, tents, resources and fleet are managed and ready to deploy.   There are ample opportunities in our organization for members to participate in and assist logistics and operations in ensuring that our team is ready at ALL times.  

RIDMAT/MRC's Volunteer Training Program


Real World Training

Field Hospital Operations

Registered and oriented members of RIDMAT/MRC are invited to participate at field hospital events held between April and October.  These events allow for the set-up of our field hospital cache and equipment and the familiarization of the processes and staff activated in an actual emergency response. 

Lectures and Orientations

Classroom Training

RIDMAT/MRC offers its volunteers and community members lecture series and classroom events that focus on relevant issues in the areas of public health, personal and community preparedness, and healthcare practice.  Orientation Sessions are REQUIRED to participate in field hospital operations events and are offered on a monthly basis from spring to fall.  To see a listing of orientation sessions, 

Behind the Scenes

Logistics and Operations

75% of the work we do is behind the scenes.  Because we never know when disaster can strike, we must always be ready.  Logistics and operations ensures that our equipment, our fleet and our supplies are up-to-date, packaged and easily deployable.  Logistics is always first on scene and last to leave and are the backbone of our organization.  

RIDMAT/MRC and RI Responds

RI Responds is the state's ESAR-VHP System utilized by RIDMAT/MRC as its Volunteer Management System 

RI Responds is a web-based registration and management tool, used to identify and pre-credential healthcare providers who are licensed in Rhode Island prior to a large-scale disaster or public health emergency. 


RIDMAT/MRC uses the RI Responds system to register, contact, activate and track volunteer participation. 


All interested RIDMAT/MRC volunteers must create an account on RI Responds in order to begin receiving email notifications and to sign up for classroom training and planned hospital operation events.  - All Registered Volunteers Sign Up For Events through RI Responds. 



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