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Make Yourself and Your Community Stronger

RI MRC's mission is to recruit, train, mobilize, manage and equip a volunteer response corps to enhance state and local capabilities.  By working to reduce the vulnerability of RI and its communities to disaster risk through community public health initiatives, the promotion of preparedness and enhanced response capabilities, RI MRC is active in preparing for and responding to the public health and emergency response needs of Rhode Island and its communities.  


Whatever your experience or training, your community needs you.  

There are many roles to be filled in our organization:

  • Logistics Personnel that manage our large expanse of fleet and field hospital equipment 

  • Operations Personnel that provide necessary support during field hospital events to patients, participants and other volunteers

  • Medical Health Professionals of ALL levels to provide clinical services and education at mass-gathering and community events. ​

If you want to make a difference , SIGN UP NOW!

If you're already a member, sign up for a planned event training or orientation session online. 

Volunteer Your Time: Service


Improving Health, Wellness and Preparedness

Training and community engagement are at the core of our strategy to strengthen RI's readiness and capacity. Discover more about our innovative campaigns below and join our team to receive updates on training opportunities.

Volunteer Your Time: Service
Medicine Kit


The Time to Prepare is NOW

RI MRC provides both classroom training sessions and field hospital training opportunities to its volunteers.  The objective of RI MRC's program is to provide useful training opportunities that prepare a volunteer corps to safely and properly respond to the needs of its community; whether public health or emergency response.  Classroom Events focus on relevant issues in the areas of public health, personal and community preparedness, and healthcare practice. During planned field hospital event trainings,  RI MRC volunteers set-up field hospitals and provide physician-level care to participants and spectators at mass gathering events across the state.  These field hospital training events allow for the familiarity of the staff, the equipment and processes that are utilized in the event of a disaster in Rhode Island.



Be a Hero - Do Something Different

What's great about RIDMAT/MRC is YOU choose your level of commitment.  You can choose to participate at the airshow or help teach community members about the importance of overdose prevention - or both.  Whether your strengths lie in logistics, planning, administrative duties or patient care, RIDMAT/MRC and RI need you.  Training requirements are minimal and include an orientation session and online ICS courses, however, there are no service hour requirements.  We understand that your work and personal commitments will determine your availability.  When there is an emergency, we hope that we have provided you and our team enough opportunity to train with us and that if needed, you will be ready and able to respond.

Volunteer Your Time: Service


Helping Others Helps You

Volunteering can give the great satisfaction of helping others. For many individuals, volunteering gives them a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. It helps to broaden their social networks, and that can have many positive effects. Volunteering provides opportunities for social interactions with fellow volunteers while supporting an important activity in the community. Interacting with others with a common interest is also a great way to create new relationships.

Volunteer Your Time: Service
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